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This section introduces Sylentmite, CRS's non–explosive demolition product.

Our simple and easy-to-use Pour 'n Crack solution has been developed for demolition jobs, of any size and for any environment, such as rock and concrete.

Once out of the box Sylentmite can be used in many different situations.

From single block or rock cracking to large demolition projects or quarrying operations.

After holes are drilled in the rock to a pre–agreed pattern, the Sylentmite product can be put in a bucket, water added and the mix stirred until it is ready to pour into the drill-holes, after which it is left to expand and crack the rock.

Sylentmite can be used in sensitive environments such as breaking out rock next to 'live' gas pipe-lines!

Not all the drilled holes need to be filled as even the empty holes are an aid to cracking.

Once the Sylentmite chemical reaction has been completed the remaining rubble can easily be removed by hand or machine.

Key Points to Note:

  • Sylentmite is non explosive,
  • It doesn't cause major impact vibration
  • It doesn't catch fire!
  • And there are no flying rock fragments!
  • Sylentmite works without noise
  • It gives off no poisonous fumes
  • It does not create any vibration

And best of all

  • Sylentmite residue is environmentally friendly.

Need to demolish something, then use Sylentmite.