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Limited Offer

Sylentmite 20kg box

Sylentmite 20kg box - 8 bags each 2.5kg - easy to store and full usage instruction in each box. Price includes mainland UK delivery

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Special Price £135.00

Sylentmite Safety Precautions.

the safe, quick and simple way to break concrete or rock

For general use or specialist projects, and easy to use by professionals or DIYers

Make it part of your onsite essentials

No special storage requirements so take it to the next job!

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Silentmite Products.

For controlled demolition, reinforced concrete cutting, rock breaking, quarrying, stone dimension, mining & excavating.

A Completely Natural Solution

What if you could harness the destructive power of nature without the heat, the noise, the explosions, the flying debris, the toxic vapors. What if you could call up this power as easy as making a cake? With SYLENTMITE you can.

An alternative to blasting and jack hammering - safe, silent & effective.

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