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Modular Block Retaining Wall

Our extensive pre-cast, modular mortar-less concrete block product range has many features (e.g. planting layers) and benefits that make it the solution of choice for any retaining wall project - for homes, roads, rail, canals industrial or any general landscaping project.

This modular block system works whatever the height (from 0.5m to 25m), on land or in water and every project is designed to requirements such as EC7 standards.

So, if you're looking for a sustainable concrete solution, which looks like a natural stone wall, with installation rates that can reduce project times by up to 90%, then look no further.

✓ Do Retaining Walls create problems for you?

Our customers tell us that all retaining walls give them problems. With our modular solution, we promise to take away your retaining wall problems. No project is too big or too small.

✓ The CRS Retaining Wall Systems

Concrete & Rock Solutions offer two main types of pre-manufactured concrete block: StaRock (with a sculptured rock face) and StaBlock (with a flat face).

✓ Block Sizes

Although we have a range of block sizes, the standard block is 1.2m wide x 0.5m high x 1m deep, and weighs approx. 1 tonne. Dare we say it, but they are a bit like giant Lego® blocks, with knobs and grooves that maintain high wall integrity and stability.

✓ Wall Heights and Lengths

Walls can be built from 0.5m to 25m high and any length, straight/angled/curved are possible and have been used in applications ranging from simple level changes through to comprehensive river remodelling and earth/water retention schemes.

Over time, a lower wall could be progressively and easily increased in height to meet changing conditions e.g. for flood defences.

✓ Cutback

As you can see from the attached drawings our modular, gravity-based solution has only a relatively small footprint and requires only minimal soil excavation, which means less waste handling than other alternatives.

✓ Foundations

For walls under 3m high you can usually have a 150mm crushed stone base, subject to SI findings. For walls 3m and above a re-enforced concrete base starting at 300mm deep by 1.5m wide, will be part of our design.

✓ Installation Rates

In our experience a three-man team can install up to 60 m2 of face per day ‐ significantly faster than, say, the gabion installation rate.

✓ Longevity

Our pre-cast concrete blocks will last over 100 years, so delivering peace-of-mind.

✓ Pricing

For each product (StaRock and StaBlock) we provide a simple £price based on the area of face delivered. This price covers all full engineering design & calculations, block delivery, Installation Training & PI but excludes cutback, foundations, Geotex/Terram, drainage, installation and backfill costs that will need to be undertaken by your ground-workers.

Through cost comparison research, with a number of our major Clients, we can help you to calculate these for estimation purposes.

✓ Is your retaining wall project here?

Reservoirs; traffic management; bridges; support walls; railways; coastal defences; perimeter walls; infrastructure; erosion control; permanent or temporary projects; golf & leisure facilities; landscaping projects; buttress; security walls; canals....we solve any problem

Already proven in use as a FAST and LOW COST land re-modelling for a wide range of projects and requirements including:

  • Aesthetic Applications
  • Bridges
  • Buttresses
  • Canals & Waterways
  • Civic Spaces
  • Coastal Defences & River Bank Protection
  • Cuttings and Pathways
  • Docks
  • Environmental Protection & Erosion Control
  • Farming
  • Garden Ponds & Planters
  • Golf Courses
  • Habitat Conservation
  • Landscaping
  • Leisure Facilities
  • Ornamental Landscaping
  • Perimeter Walls
  • Permanent or Temporary Projects
  • Railways
  • Reservoirs
  • Roads
  • Security Walls
  • Support Walls
  • Traffic Management

So why not challenge us with your retaining wall project?