Concrete & Rock Solutions Ltd - Retaining Wall Structures


For each retaining wall supplied, and included in our pricing, CRS always provides the following:

Phase 1:

A "full civil engineering design service" covering: full review of the Site SI; wall plans; cross-sections; foundation design; calculations; risk assessment; ground-worker installation training and Design PI; along with

Phase 2:

: the production and delivery (to an agreed plan with you, our Client) of our massive, modular, mortar-less pre-cast, concrete blocks.

The payment for the engineering Phase 1 above, is extracted from the single system price we give you, and paid for before Phase 2: block delivery is initiated.

The engineering is specifically designed for our modular systems and cannot be used for any other alternative.

Most of our clients use their own ground-workers for the simple installation process (see other page on this website) as this is the most cost-effective approach and also means less disruption on-site.

Retaining wall design approvals

Our designs are fully approved to the demanding requirements of EC7 standards (current European legislation governing the engineering design of retaining walls). All our products are CE approved and our projects are guaranteed {{how are they guaranteed - PI??}}.

In undertaking the engineering design we always look to help you optimise the use of your site.

Need help with Local Authority AIP (Approval in Principle), that's also part of our engineering service.

We offer a free initial design service so why not try us out!

For you to consider our modular system, just provide us with the site plan(s), indicating wall heights and the plan scale in .dwg (preferred) or .pdf format, and we will respond with our QTO (Quick Take-Off) and £Quote (includes Phase 1: Full Engineering Phase.

If our pre-cast, modular, mortar-less block retaining wall system and £Quote meets your needs, then we can move to the full engineering Phase 1.

We provide the solution our customers prefer. But what solution do we prefer? That's a simple answer - modular blocks - click Modular Walls to take a look at the features and benefits .