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Retaining Walls.

Specialist retaining wall experience

Specialist experience | Retaining Walls.We are an experienced and dedicated professional team with a proven record of customer satisfaction. We specialise in retaining wall and landscaping solutions around the world.

We aim to offer our customers the best value from a range of options.

Retaining wall service

We offer a unique integrated project service that will completely take away your problem. From the initial survey to the last day of installation we are completely engaged with the totality of the project and the needs of our customers. Through simple, effective pre-installation processes we can ensure all retaining wall projects are delivered to schedule and on budget. More importantly, because of our modular block designs we can offer a considerable level of operational flexibility if on-site conditions change.

Retaining Walls.

Retaining wall design approvals

Our designs are fully approved to the demanding requirements of EC7 standards (current European legislation governing the engineering design of retaining walls). All our products are CE approved and our projects are guaranteed. 

We offer a free initial design service so why not try us out!
We provide the solution our customers prefer. But what solution do we prefer? That's a simple answer - modular blocks - click Modular Walls to take a look at the features and benefits .

Our customers tell us all retaining walls are problems - we are here to take away the problem! No project is too small or too big.